Employment, investment, and inequality in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis

Project managerOddbjørn Raaum
ClientNFR via NMBU
Client project no.315769
ParticipantsBernt Bratsberg
Oddbjørn Raaum
Period2021 - 2025

Project description

The Covid-19 crisis is of unprecedented nature and there is still little understanding of its impact and consequences. Our primary objective is to study effects of public policies to support employees and firms during the crisis. Our goal is to bring insights into the dynamics underlying macroeconomic sustainable growth by studying the anatomy of investment, employment, innovation, and migration, as well as the drivers and development of inequality, by utilizing unique administrative micro panel data and using state of the art and innovative methodology, contributing to theoretical and methodological advances. This will provide important insights in how to meet future economic crisis and which policies are more effective to counteract recession.

The secondary objectives are to stimulate to more micro data based research on macroeconomic issues, and to communicate research results to academics, policy makers, stakeholders, and the public.


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