Immigration and Support for the Welfare State: Local and Institutional Responses

Project managerOle Røgeberg
ClientNFR via ISF
Client project no.NFR 270687
ParticipantsAndreas Kotsadam
Ole Røgeberg
Period2017 - 2020 (ended)

Project description

Project Background
The project studies how different forms of immigration affect the political support of the welfare state. We understand the welfare state's political support as depending on the preferences of voters and parties, as well as on the strength of institutions in the labor market (trade unions).

Project Approach
We study responses to immigration using individual data (survey and administrative data), regional data and cross-national data. Using various types of natural experiments, we try to uncover causal effects of immigration.

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Scientific Journal

Bratsberg, Bernt, Jeremy Ferwerda, Henning Finseraas, Andreas KotsadamHow Settlement Locations and Local Networks Influence Immigrant Political Integration2021American Journal of Political Science Vol 65 (3), 551-565[PDF] [DOI]
Cools, Sara, Henning Finseraas, Ole RøgebergLocal Immigration and Support for Anti-Immigration Parties: A Meta-Analysis2021American Journal of Political Science Vol 65(4)[DOI]