Sustaining the welfare and working life model in a diversified society

Project managerOddbjørn Raaum
ClientNorges Forskningsråd
Client project no.270772
ParticipantsBernt Bratsberg
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Andreas Kotsadam
Simen Markussen
Oddbjørn Raaum
Knut Røed
Period2017 - 2020

Project description

The primary objective is to study the roles of integration policy, exposure to ethnic diversity, and the persistence of immigrant ancestry culture in the formation of social and economic structures in Norway. These are all essential elements of sustaining the welfare and working life model of a diversified society in an era of increasing immigration and ethnic diversity. The project outlines an ambitious research agenda where we aim to (i) evaluate the effectiveness of integration policies, such as the introduction program, education for adult immigrants, early labor market entry of refugees, and subsistence requirements for family reunification (ii) investigate the effects of exposure to ethnic diversity on trust and political participation, combining analyses of field experiments and administrative register data, and (iii) examine the role of ancestry culture in integration across generations, with particular focus on the transmission of gender norms, drawing on analyses of data from laboratory experiments, surveys, and register data. This multidisciplinary project has ambitions of providing policy relevant estimates of causal effects, combining state-of-the art econometric methods and analyses of data from large administrative registers, field and laboratory experiments, and surveys.



Scientific Journal

Bratsberg, Bernt, Jeremy Ferwerda, Henning Finseraas, Andreas KotsadamHow Settlement Locations and Local Networks Influence Immigrant Political Integration2021American Journal of Political Science Vol 65 (3), 551-565[PDF] [DOI]
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Finseraas, Henning, Andreas KotsadamAncestry Culture and Female Employment - An Analysis Using Second-Generation Siblings2017european sociological review Vol 33(3), 382-392[PDF] [DOI]

Other journals

Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedØkende inntektssegregering i norske byregioner2020Tidsskrift for boligforskning Temanummer "Storbyen for alle" Vol 3(2), 111-129[PDF] [DOI]

Other publications

Bratsberg, Bernt, Andreas Kotsadam, Selma WaltherMale Fertility: Facts, Distribution and Drivers of Inequality2021IZA DP No. 14506[PDF]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Jeremy Ferwerda, Henning Finseraas and Andreas KotsadamHow Settlement Locations and Local Networks Influence Immigrant Political Integration2019CReAM discussion paper no 18/19[PDF]