New causal evidence on the effects of activation- and workplace intervention policies for reducing sickness absence

Project managerAndreas Kotsadam
Client project no.259512
ParticipantsAsbjørn Goul Bjerrum Andersen
Pathric Hagglund
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Per Johansson
Andreas Kotsadam
Simen Markussen
Knut Røed
Tao Zhang
Period2016 - 2019

Project description

Primary objectives:
Improved understanding of what interventions work to prevent sickness absence and increase activation. In particular the project aims to extend existing knowledge on the following fields:
- Can dialogue meetings between the physician, the employer, and the absentee reduce sickness absence, and if so, why?
- Are the effects similar for different people and what is the best design of the meeting for different types of individuals?
- Is it better to have targeted interventions or general ones and what is the optimal mix of caseworker discretion and statistical modelling to design the targeting?
- What is the effect of work-life centers on sickness absence in the short and long run?
- What specific preventive measures and work adjustments work best at the firm level?

Secondary objectives: :
- Build knowledge and experience in the use of intervention data merged with labour market data
- Build knowledge and experience on the use of experimental data combined with reg.data


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