Effects of subsistence requirements for family reunification

Project managerBernt Bratsberg
Client project no.
ParticipantsOddbjørn Raaum
Period2009 - 2010 (ended)

Project description

In 2003, regulations for family immigration changed so that immigrants admitted to Norway on humanitarian grounds faced stricter requirements for income maintenance when reuniting with the spouse. Using information from various administrative records linked to individuals, this project investigates the effects of this change in immigration policy. We study whether the policy change has affected the scale of both applications and actual reunions with the spouse. Furthermore, the project analyzes whether the subsistence requirement had any effects on employment, labor income, and dependency on social assistance among married immigrants who arrived without their spouse and were admitted on humanitarian grounds.


Frisch Report

Bratsberg, Bernt og Oddbjørn RaaumEffekter av krav om forsørgelsesevne ved familiegjenforening2010No. 4[PDF]