A new business cycle indicator

Project managerKnut Røed
ClientAetat Arbeidsdirektoratet og Finansdepartementet
Client project no.
Period2002 - 2002 (ended)

Project description

The project aims at developing a new business cycle indicator, based on microeconometric analyses of unemployment spells. It builds on previous research (generated in project 1312), documented (in Norwegian) in Hvor stramt er arbeidsmarkedet? Et forslag til en ny konjunkturindikator (Økonomisk Forum nr. 3, 2001).


Scientific Journal

Gaure, S. og Røed, K.How Tight is the Labour Market? Sources of Changes in the Aggregate Exit Rate from Unemployment across the Business Cycle2007Journal of Business cycle Measurement and Analysis Vol., 3, No. 2, 155 - 174.
Carlsen, Fredrik, Johansen, Kåre og Røed, KnutWage formation, regional migration and local labour market tightness2006Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics Vol 68 (4), 423-444


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Gaure, Simen and Røed, KnutHow Tight is the Labour Market? A Micro-Based Macro Indicator2003No. 9[PDF]