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Immigrants Want Work: Do Labour Market Programmes Help?

Project managerTao Zhang
Client project no.
Period2012 - 2012 (ended)

Project description

This project evaluates the effects of labour market programmes in Norway, focusing specifically on non-western immigrants. The analyses cover the period 1993-2007, a period characterised by both downturns and upturns in the economy. We apply a nonparametric mixed proportional hazard rate model with discrete distribution of unobserved heterogeneity to disentangle the causal treatment effect from selection bias. We measure dynamically both lock-in effects during programme participation and effects after programme completion on four transition probabilities: ordinary employment, education, social welfare and outside the labour force. The evaluation study is supplemented by a simulation-based analysis on the overall effects of the labour market programs, both for native and immigrant unemployed persons.


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