Unemployment transitions

Project managerKnut Røed
Client project no.
ParticipantsElisabeth Fevang
Erik Hernæs
Tao Zhang
Period1997 - 2002 (ended)

Project description

This project is a follow-up of previous projects for the Ministry of Labour and Local Government. We have developed a database with records of monthly labour market status for the whole Norwegian population (The Frisch database). The database is used for econometric analyses of transitions between different states in the labour market, such as employment, unemployment, training, retirement and disability (see also project 1203).


Scientific Journal

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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at http://urn.nb.no/URN:NBN:no-7118

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Frisch Report

Nordberg, Morten og Knut RøedUtstøting fra arbeidsmarkedet og tiltaksapparatets rolle2002No. 2[PDF]

Frisch Working Paper

Nordberg, Morten og Lars WestlieSamtidig bruk av Trygdeetaten, Arbeidsmarkedsetaten og Sosialtjenesten2004No. 1[PDF]
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Other journals

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