Incomes policies and unemployment

Project managerKnut Røed
Client project no.
ParticipantsRagnar Nymoen
Period1999 - 2000 (ended)

Project description

The aim of this project is to evaluate the potential of income-policies to secure a moderate wage growth, when market forces pull in the other direction. We will base our study on a data set which contains prices, wages and a description of (changes in) structural conditions at the Nordic labour markets for the period 1960-98. The project focuses in particular on wage formation and unemployment in Norway and Sweden.


Scientific Journal

Barkbu, Bergljot, Nymoen, Ragnar and Røed, KnutWage coordination and unemployment dynamics in Norway and Sweden 2003Journal of Socio-Economics Vol. 32, 37-58

Frisch Working Paper

Barkbu, Bergljot BjørnsonKoordinering av inntektsoppgjørene i Norge og Sverige 1961-19992000No. 3[PDF]
Forthun, C.Kan markedskreftene temmes i lønnsdannelsen1999No. 1[PDF]

Other publications

Røed, KnutArbeidsledighet, stabiliseringspolitikk og lønnsdannelse - Er kollektiv lønnsmoderasjon en farbar vei mot lav arbeidsledighet?2000Vedlegg 2 til NOU 2000:21 En strategi for sysselsetting og verdiskapning.[PDF]