Education, family background and labour market success: A Nordic study of siblings

Project managerOddbjørn Raaum
ClientNordisk samarbeidsnemnd for samfunnsforskning (NOS-S)
Client project no.
ParticipantsTom Erik Aabø
Period1999 - 2001 (ended)

Project description

This project is a joint Nordic project focusing on the relationships between education, family background and labour market success. The project is comparative and uses large sample registry-data with siblings and family relations from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The project is divided into three parts: (i) Income- and schooling-correlations between brothers and sisters in Scandinavia and the USA - an omnibus measure of impact of family background, (ii) A study of industry wage differentials (iii) Family background and the return to education in the Nordic countries. The participants are, besides the two from the Frisch Centre, Anders Björklund, Tor Eriksson, Markus Jännti and Eva Österbacka.


Scientific Journal

Björklund, A., Bratsberg, B. Eriksson, T., Jäntti, M. og O. RaaumInterindustry Wage Differentials and Unobserved Ability: Siblings Evidence from Five Countries2007Industrial Relations Vol. 46, No. 1: 171-202[PDF]
Björklund, A., T. Eriksson, M. Jännti, O.Raaum and E. ÖsterbackaBrother correlations in earnings in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden compared to the United States2002Journal of Population Economics 15: 757-772

Book chapter

Björklund, A., T. Eriksson, M. Jännti, O.Raaum and E. ÖsterbackaFamily Structure and Labour Market Success: The influence of siblings and birth order on the earnings of young adults in Norway, Finland and Sweden2004