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European Strains

Project managerOddbjørn Raaum
ClientNFR via ESOP
Client project no.227072
ParticipantsAsbjørn Goul Andersen
Bernt Bratsberg
Rolf Golombek
Maria Forthun Hoen
Knut Røed
Period2013 - 2018

Project description

The Frisch Centre participates in the project lead by Department of Economics in three subprojects: (i) Wage and employment adjustment to the recent crisis. Linked employer-employee data from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Norway and the US will be used to study responses of firms and workers across different institutional settings regarding labor markets and wage formation, as well as implications for both wage inequality and for the general performance of labor markets in Europe, both in terms of allocation and adaptability to shocks. (ii) Entrepreneurship and growth. The comprehensive Norwegian matched worker-firm data set allow for an extended concept of entrepreneurship including self-employment and limited liability companies to explore issues related to the role of regional effects and internalization. We will also study how entrepreneurship can serve as a way out of unemployment and investigate how changes in compensation structures may affect entry into entrepreneurship. (iii) Economic effects of labor market flows. Worker flows across national borders trigger labor market adjustments in employment and wage structures as both receiving and sending countries experience labor supply shocks. Evidence on behavioral responses of firms to labor migrant mobility is, however, scare. The ambition is here to study empirically how a more integrated European labour market affects incentives to (re)locate production abroad either through (foreign direct investment, or through international outsourcing) may change as relative wage costs respond to migrant inflows. More abundant and cheaper labor resources may also raise the economic returns to investments in physical capital and technology.


Scientific Journal

Bratsberg, Bernt, Oddbjørn Raaum and Knut RøedJob Loss and Immigrant Labor Market Performance2018Economica vol 85(337), 124-151[PDF] [DOI]
Bratsberg, Bernt and Knut RøedThe Nordic welfare model in an open European labor market2015Nordic Economic Policy Review 2, 19-42[DOI]

Frisch Working Paper

Hoen, Maria ForthunOccupational crosswalk, data and language requirements2016No. 1[PDF]

Other journals

Bratsberg, Bernt, Oddbjørn Raaum og Knut Røed Flyktninger på det norske arbeidsmarkedet2016Søkelys på arbeidslivet Vol 33(3), 185-207[DOI]

Other publications

Bratsberg, Bernt, Oddbjørn Raaum, and Knut RøedExcess Churn in Integrated Labor Markets2019[PDF]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Oddbjørn Raaum and Knut RøedJob Loss and Immigrant Labor Market Performance2016Artikkelen kan lastes ned fra CReAM (http://www.cream-migration.org/publ_uploads/CDP_02_16.pdf) og IZA (http://ftp.iza.org/dp9729.pdf)[PDF]