Understanding retirement decisions

Project managerSimen Markussen
ClientNorges Forskningsråd
Client project no.238203
ParticipantsAsbjørn Goul Bjerrum Andersen
Erik Hernæs
Andreas Kotsadam
Tobias Laun
Marilena Locatelli
John Piggott
Knut Røed
Steinar Strøm
Trond Christian Vigtel
Johanna Wallenius
Tao Zhang
Period2014 - 2019

Project description

This project makes use of detailed administrative data for Norway and use three different methodical approaches. The following questions are central in this project: 1) What are the labour supply effect of completely removing the earnings test against labour earnings for pension take-up for the age group 62-67? 2) What are the labour supply effect of reducing the earliest access age to pension wealth from 67 to 62 in an actuarially adjusted pension system? 3) What are the labour supply effects of introducing longevity adjusted pensions, in fact a downward adjustment of annual pension payments as longevity increases? 4) How are workers using the increased flexibility in the pension system, allowing for a number of part-time choices between full work and full retirement, and how will this in turn affect total labour supply? 5) To which extent are retirement decisions facilitated or limited by external factors? What is the role of family, health and productivity, employers' willingness to accommodate senior workers and aggregate labour demand? 6) Which factors determine pension take-up, conditional on labour supply? What is the role of health, family and risk-preferences? 7) What is the role of progressive taxation for decisions on pension take-up and labour supply? Can preferences for early take-up (more than a "standard homo economicus" model would predict) imply that labour supply effects are moderated because of progressive taxation?


Scientific Journal

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Other publications

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