The public long term care and its effect on labour market participation for elderly workers

Project managerSnorre Kverndokk
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsElisabeth Fevang
Knut Røed
Period2006 - 2008 (ended)

Project description

In Norway as in most other countries, long term care for elderly people is supplied both by the familiy as well as the public represented by the municipalities. In this project we will study empirically to what extent labour market participation and income of grown up children are affected by their parents' need for long term care, and how this will change when their parents' die. We will also study how this is affected by the organisation of long term care in the municipalities, e.g., whether they supply care in institutions or in private homes. This is a joint project with FAFO (Heidi Gautun).


Scientific Journal

Fevang, E., S. Kverndokk and K. RøedLabor Supply in the Terminal Stages of Lone Parents' Lives2012Journal of Population Economics vol 25(4): 1399-1422[PDF]

HERO Working Paper

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Frisch Working Paper

Kebebew NegeraAn Informal Care Leave Arrangement - An Economic Evaluation2009No. 1[PDF]

Other journals

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Other publications

Fevang, Elisabeth, Snorre Kverndokk, Knut RøedInformal Care and Labor Supply2008IZA Discussion Paper No. 3717[PDF]