Labour force participation among the elderly and the finances of the pension system

Project managerSteinar Strøm
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsTom Erik Aabø
John Dagsvik
Erik Hernæs
Zhiyang Jia
Period2001 - 2004 (ended)

Project description

Based on panel data constructed from administrative registers and covering the whole Norwegian population over the period 1992-2000, structural models for retirement behaviour will be estimated for married couples and single persons. The models will be used to investigate the impact of policy changes, such as changes in the replacement ratio. The models will also be used to study long-term trends in labour force participation among the elderly, caused by demographic trends and policy changes, and the impact on the finances of public pensions systems. The interaction between the pension system and other social benefits, in particular disability benefit will also be investigated.


Scientific Journal

Zhiyang, JiaLabor Supply of Retiring Couples and Heterogeneity in Household Decision-Making Structure2005Review of Economics of the Household No 3, p 215-33


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Other publications

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