Women in Transition: Female Employment and Political Empowerment during Ethiopia’s Reform Process

Project managerAndreas Kotsadam
ClientNFR via CMI
Client project no.301645
ParticipantsAndreas Kotsadam
Period2020 - 2022

Project description

A fundamental question for gender equality is how to enhance women’s empowerment: how to promote women’s ability to make strategic choices that can bring transformative changes to their lives (Kabeer 2005). Women’s empowerment is not only about human rights, but also central to many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for human development, including SGD 5 on gender equality, SDG 8’s on promoting economic growth and decent jobs, and on SDG 16 for creating inclusive institutions for all.

In this project, we will look at two essential aspects of women’s empowerment: female labour force participation and women’s political participation, the relationship between the two, and how this relationship is affected by change in political context.


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