Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society - Pansoc

Project managerOle Røgeberg
Client project no.202352 - Pansoc
ParticipantsOle Røgeberg
Period2021 - 2021

Project description

As witnessed under COVID-19, pandemics are among the largest threats to the global health and economy.

The core idea of the PANSOC centre is that infectious disease pandemics created by influenza or coronaviruses have always been more than just a medical problem. Their epidemiology and impact are profoundly shaped by social and economic structures.

Socioeconomic status and ethnicity plays a major role in who falls ill, who dies, and who survives.

The overarching aim of our group is to study historical and modern data to enhance the understanding of social and biological risk factors for severe influenza and COVID-19 outcomes by socioeconomic and indigenous status and to improve pandemic preparedness.

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