Norwegian Centre for Health Service Research - NORCHER (Frisch parner)

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
ClientNFR via UiO HELED
Client project no.NFR 296114
ParticipantsSverre A. C. Kittelsen
Period2019 - 2024

Project description

The primary objectives of NORCHER are to search for, invent, implement, evaluate and inform stakeholders of models of health service delivery that encourage equal access, high quality and cost effectiveness.

Secondary objectives:
- apply horizon scanning to identify innovative health delivery models that are adaptable to the Norwegian health care system and, on theoretical grounds, select a few models for pilot testing,
- develop methods for pilot testing (WP3) and apply them to chosen pilot models to identify the ones that are appropriate and beneficial for (wide-scale) implementation,
- evaluate alternative models for reimbursing general practitioners,
- analyze effects health service use for selected labor market groups to identify strategies that stimulates returns to work, in particular for patients with mental illness,
- perform Nordic comparative effectiveness analyses,
- design and implement effective communication strategies.

NORCHER english website at UoO


Scientific Journal

Goude, F., Kittelsen, S.A.C., Malchau, H., Mohaddes, M. & Rehnberg, C.The effects of competition and bundled payment on patient reported outcome measures after hip replacement surgery2021BMC Health Services Research 21, 387[PDF] [DOI]