Economic incentives effects on morally motivated environmental behaviour

Project managerSnorre Kverndokk
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
Period - 2000 (ended)

Project description

This is a joint project with Statistics Norway, with Karine Nyborg as project leader. The project aims to study if use of economic incentives in environmental policy undermines morally based motivation for environmentally friendly behaviour. In that case, economic incentives will not necessarily have the positive effects for individual environmental behaviour that is predicated by traditional economic models. If economic incentives for example in certain relations weakens morally based behaviour, but in other relations strengthens it, it can be adequate to concentrate the use of economic incentives in the last mentioned case. The theoretic part of the analysis will use literature from economy, social psychology, and other social studies. The empirical analysis will exist of two parts. To study factors that affects the relations between economic and morally based motivation we will at first carry out an experimental inquire. Based on the results we will do a case study were it is possible that economic incentives undermines morally based motivation. Recycling or energy economising in the homes, could be relevant topics. The analysis of this example may be based on data for actual behaviour, and personal interviews. If there are no suitable data, may it be relevant to perform experimental tests for example by co-operating with a dust contractor on limited tests with different incentive systems for recycling in a short period.


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