Mandatory activation for welfare recipients below age 30

Project managerØystein M. Hernæs
ClientNAV via ISF
Client project no.ISF: 10278 NAV:17-4667
ParticipantsHarald Dale-Olsen
Øystein M. Hernæs
Hilde Lidén
Håkon Solbu Trætteberg
Period2018 - 2020

Project description

The project will acquire knowledge about how the activation requirement for welfare recipients below age 30 that was introduced January 1, 2017 works. The first part of the project will consist of quantitative effect evaluations of mandatory activation. We will investigate whether mandatory activation impacts welfare uptake, employment, income, education, and other outcomes. It is also important to investigate whether mandatory activation for some can lead to increased social exclusion. We will undertake qualitative investigations in a sample of municipalities to asses different experiences with the mandatory activation requirement: In the second part of the project, we will interview employees at the welfare administration, while part three will consist of interviews with clients.


Scientific Journal

Hernæs, Øystein M.Distributional Effects of Welfare Reform for Young Adults: An Unconditional Quantile Regression Approach2020Labour Economics Vol 65, August, 101818[PDF] [DOI]

Frisch Report

Hernæs, Øystein M.Delrapport 2: Kvantitativ evaluering av innføring av plikt for kommunene til å stille vilkår om aktivitet til sosialhjelpsmottakere under 30 år2021No. 3[PDF]