Simen Gaure

Research Fellow
Mobile phone +47 9711 7583


  • Ph.D, mathematics, 2006, University of Oslo
  • M.A, mathematics, 1994, University of Oslo
  • Bachelor, mathematics, 1986, University of Oslo

Research Interests

Statistical, algebraic and numerical methods. Applied mathematics

Curriculum Vitae




 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:Eksternal ref:
1151Mobilizing labour force participation
1156Labour market exclusion
1172Social Insurance and Labor Market Inclusion in Norway202513
1175Working life after the Norwegian pension reform220746
1178Egalitarianism under pressure? New perspectives on inequality and social cohesion236992
1181Activation and social insurance185201
1391Strategic Institute Program on Labor Market and Pension Research
3143Investment in clean energy technologies under uncertainty
3148Uncertainties in the European Energy Market: Modelling Approaches and policy issues228810
3172Managing Thresholds and Uncertainty in Resource Economics196199
3181Improving international cooperation on emission abatement193703
3182Managing Risk in Climate Change - A Dynamic Perspective193719
3642Driving towards the low-emission society267942
4134Disentangling absence patterns227103
4143Values, beliefs and policy options: Beyond prevalence-centric prohibitions240235
6513Entrepreneurship and Gender in Norway - Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social capital201336

Selected Publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Gaure, SimenCorrelation bias correction in two-way fixed-effects linear regression2014Stat 3: 379-390[PDF] [DOI]
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2013Journal of Population Economics Vol 26(4), 1585-1608[PDF]
Gaure, Simenlfe: Fitting Linear Models with Multiple Factors with Many Levels2013The R Journal 5(2):104-117[PDF]
Gaure, SimenOLS with multiple high dimensional category variables2013Computational Statistics and Data Analysis Vol 66, 8-18[PDF] [DOI]
Gaure, Simen, Knut Røed and Lars WestlieJob Search Incentives and Job Match Quality2012Labour Economics Vol 19, 438-450[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, S., K. Røed, O. Røgeberg and S. GaureThe Anatomy of Absenteeism2011Journal of Health Economics Vol 30(2), 277-292[DOI]
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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Gaure, SimenPractical correlation bias correction in two-way fixed effects linear regression2014No. 21[PDF]
Gaure, SimenOLS with Multiple High Dimensional Category Dummies2010No. 14[PDF]
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CREE Working Paper

CREE is the Oslo Centre for Environmentally friendly Energy. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Gaure, Simen, Rolf GolombekTrue or not true: Carbon-free electricity generation is possible2019No. 11[PDF]
Golombek, Rolf, Mads Greaker, Simen Gaure, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen and Knut Einar RosendahPromoting CCS in Europe: A case for green strategic trade policy?2016No. 5[PDF]
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Frisch Working Paper

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Gaure, SimenA Faster Algorithm for Computing the Conditional Logit Likelihood2012No. 2[PDF]
Gaure, SimenDummy-encoding Inherently Collinear Variables2012No. 1[PDF]
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Other publications

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2010IZA DP No. 5091[PDF]
Gaure, S., K. Røed og L. WestlieThe Impact of Labor Market Policies on Job Search Behavior and Post-Unemployment Job Quality2008IZA Discussion Paper No. 3802
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