Elisabeth Thuestad Isaksen

Research Fellow
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PhD in Economics, University of Oslo, 2017.

Research Interests

Environmental and Resource Economics

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 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:Eksternal ref:
1191The decline in employment and the rise of its social gradient280350/GE
13449280SID - Dalnoki
3100Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy (CREE)209698
3195Successful Workforce Transitions in a fast-CHanging labor market300891
3642Driving towards the low-emission society267942
3643Transport, inequality and political opposition302059
3644Circular Economy, Life-cycle assessment, Electrification and Car Transactions (CELECT)336324

Selected Publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Isaksen, Elisabeth ThuestadHave international pollution protocols made a difference?2020Journal of Environmental Economics and Management Online[PDF] [DOI]
Isaksen, Elisabeth T. and Andries P. RichterTragedy, property rights, and the commons: investigating the causal relationship from institutions to ecosystem collapse2019Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Vol 6(4), 741-781[PDF] [DOI]
Isaksen, Elisabeth T., Kjell Arne Brekke, and Andries RichterPositive framing does not solve the tragedy of the commons2019Journal of Environmental Economics and Management vol 95, 45-56[PDF] [DOI]
Isaksen, Elisabeth T., Patrick A. NarbelA carbon footprint proportional to expenditure - A case for Norway?2017Ecological Economics Vol 131, 152-165[PDF] [DOI]
Fæhn, Taran og Elisabeth Thuestad IsaksenDiffusion of climate technologies in the presence of commitment problems2016Energy Journal Vol 37(2), 155-180[PDF] [DOI]
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Other publications

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Isaksen, Elisabeth T.Have international pollution protocols made a difference?2018Grantham Research Institute on Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment Working Paper No. 310[PDF]
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