Anja Grinde Myrann

Doctoral Student
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MPhil Economics, University of Oslo, 2010

Research Interests

Firm dynamics, bankruptcy, entrepreneurship and gender

Curriculum Vitae


Current Projects


 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:Eksternal ref:
1178Egalitarianism under pressure? New perspectives on inequality and social cohesion236992
3182Managing Risk in Climate Change - A Dynamic Perspective193719
6512R&D, Industry Dynamics and Public Policy
6513Entrepreneurship and Gender in Norway - Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social capital201336

Selected Publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Anyadike-Danes, Michael, Carl-Magnus Bjuggren, Sandra Gottschalk, Werner Hölzl, Dan Johansson, Mika Maliranta, and Anja MyrannAn international cohort comparison of size effects on job growth2015Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal vol 44, 821-844[PDF] [DOI]
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