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Hva påvirker strømforbruket vårt?

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Culture and Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete

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Pre-registration. Illustrated by the project "2D:4D and Self-Employment Using SOEP Data: A Replication Study"

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Persuasion and Persistence: A Large-Scale Field Experiment in a Presidential Campaign

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SIR-modellen og skyggepriser på testing og sosial distansering

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Event Studies, Endogenous Timing and the Child Penalty 

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Dynamic procurement under uncertainty: Competition and auctions

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High school dropout for marginal students: Evidence from randomized exam form

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Intergenerational mobility or inequality:What does rank-mobility measure?

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The effect of opioid substitution therapy on overdose deaths in Norway

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Happiness and Income Transparency in Norway

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Sosiale og økonomiske konsekvenser av epidemier

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