Supply of fuels

Supply is modelled in the same way as for the other model countries. IEA Extended Energy Balances has been used as the main source for total production data for Russia (see chapter 3.2.1). To regionalise these several sources have been used. Rystad Energy has unofficial regional data for oil and gas production. This detailed dataset has been aggregated and a set of parameters have been calibrated for gas and oil for the three regions.

For coking coal and steam coal the parameters used when Russia is an exogenous country (see chapter 3.2.1) are regionalised through using regional production data from Statistical Yearbook of Russia 2009 (Rosstat 2010). Despite having a large biomass potential, production of biomass is not well developed in Russia due to the costs being high compared to other energy alternatives. There is little production in the base year, and due to lack of data, it is assumed that the biomass production is split equally between the three regions. Russia does not have any production of biofuels in the base year.

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