In an extension of the model Russia has been included as a model country. Due to its size and complexity Russia has been split into three regions, which are treated as three countries within the model. 

RU1, RU2 and RU3 are aggregates of the seven official Russian Federal districts. RU1 consists of the Central Federal District, Volga Federal District, Northern Caucasus Federal District, North Western Federal District and Southern Federal District, RU2 of the Ural Federal District and RU3 of Siberia and the Far Eastern Federal District. RU1 consists of Western-Russia and the main population centres. RU2 is the smallest region, but has the majority of the natural gas production. RU3 is the largest region, with large areas with low population density. RU3 has the majority of Russias coal production (in Siberia), and some natural gas production.



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