Solar power

In the model it is assumed that all solar power is based on photovoltaic (PV) technology and organised as centralised power plants. 

To estimate the potential of the solar resource in each model country data for solar insolation around the world from the NASA Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy database has been used. This gives information about the monthly average insolation incident, measured in kWh/m2/day, based on a 22-year average. 

Based on Hoefnagels et al. (2011) it is assumed that 0.5 % of the agricultural land will be made available for solar power plants in each model country by 2050.

IEA ETSAP (2011) has data for land use (m2/kW) for PV technologies. For Crystalline Si PV cells their “typical current international range” is between 6 and 9 m2/kW. In the model 7 m2/kW has been used, which means that 7 m2 is required to generate 1 kW instantly under optimal conditions. Maximum module efficiency for PV panels of 18 % is assumed, based on the assumptions in IEA ETSAP (2011) and IPCC (2011). 

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