Electricity generation

Electricity and heat generation in each model country in the base year is taken from the IEA Electricity Information database. The same source has power capacities for the electricity producing technologies. However, the IEA does not provide capacity data for non-OECD countries. This means that for the model countries that are not OECD members we have used ENTSO-E (2010), EURELECTRIC (2011) and the UN Energy Statistics Database to complete the dataset.

In LIBEMOD each power plant may use one fuel only, which implies that multi-fuelled power plants are grouped together with the single-fuelled plants. For some countries with many multi-fuelled power plants the IEA statistics only provides a total capacity for thermal plants in the base year. Because it is necessary to distinguish between coal, natural gas and oil in the model, data from ENTSO-E (2010) and EURELECTRIC (2011) has been used to complement the IEA statistics for some countries.


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