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Bernt Bratsberg

Senior Research Fellow
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Mobile phone +47 9221 3803


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara, March 1991.
  • M.A., Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara, June 1987.
  • Cand. Mag., Computer Science, University of Bergen, Norway, June 1984.

Research Interests

Labor markets, immigration, wage inequality, education

Other affiliations

Adjunct Professor, ESOP, Department of Economics, University of Oslo

Curriculum Vitae




 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:
1103Assimilation and business cycle effects on immigrant earnings
1105Adult Learning, Vocational Skills and Labour Market Outcomes
1110Equality, Social Organization, and Performance
1111R&D, Trade, Productivity and Inequality
1131Social background, early unemployment experiences and marginalisation
1134A viable welfare state
1149Oslo Fiscal Studies - a Centre for Public Economics
1150Labor market participation
1151Mobilizing labour force participation
1156Labour market exclusion
1157Immigrants and policies
1158Wage effects of immigration
1159Changing work
1172Social Insurance and Labor Market Inclusion in Norway
1173Work Life Challenges - workforce management and worker involvement solutions
1174Hooks for change? Family and employment as pathways to social inclusion among crime-prone individuals
1178Egalitarianism under pressure? New perspectives on inequality and social cohesion
1179Ethnic segregation in schools and neighbourhoods
1181Activation and social insurance
1182European Strains
1190Striving for excellence, learning to cope? -Employer strategies for anaging sick leaves and employee health over the decades
1211Inequality of opportunity and socio-economic outcomes from an intergenerational perspective
1223Globalisation, Institutions and the Welfare State
1308Evaluation of a Norwegian qualification program
1330Effects of vocational rehabilitation programs
1331Labor market participation among disabled persons
1335Immigrant Employment Profiles
1370Effects of labour migration
1391Strategic Institute Program on Labor Market and Pension Research
1392Labour Migration to Norway
1471Analysis of student performance in secondary school
1492Effects of subsistence requirements for family reunification
3164Prospects for Norwegian Petroleum Extraction and implications for the Norwegian Economy as a whole
4132Absenteeism in Norway - Causes, Censequences, and Policy Implications
4133Absenteeism - Disability, Norms and Interventions
4134Disentangling absence patterns
6512R&D, Industry Dynamics and Public Policy

Selected Publications

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